Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Things

I've done some sewing for the girls, for Spring. Some of it I did a while ago, and some I just finished. I like to take my time making these clothes. I like to finish the seams perfectly, and hand stitch them just right. I like to make special clothes for holidays, or parties, or a special Saturday in the park. I like to take the girls up to my sewing corner and ask their opinions on my stash, see what prints and colors they like the most. When I sew, I think of my grandmother, Amelia. We called her Nammy B. Penny has her name: Penelope Amelia Jones. I think about sewing with her, and how she sewed for me, and my mother before that. I like to think of Mrs. Murphy, my high school sewing teacher, and the strict and no nonsense teacher I had at Parsons, when I took courses there in my 20s. I think of all their advice, and their sewing styles, and I put each of their thoughts into practice. I try to take my time. This is my happy place, after all.

For Penny, a Bubble Dress in my favorite Liberty of London print called "Mauvey", from my dwindling stash.

For Lulu, a Spring School Days Coat, similar to her winter coat, in an adorable canvas I got years and years ago from Superbuzzy.

For Penny, a spring School Days Coat in canvas from IKEA, with buttons previously used on Lulu's cloud dress. Both her coat and Lulu's coat are lined with soft, cozy, flannel solids.

Finally, a Fairy Tale Dress in a butterfly print that Penny picked out herself at the fabric store. This is for her birthday. She turned 4 yesterday, and she'll have a butterfly party, this Saturday.

Mostly, Penny and Lulu wear store bought play clothes. By no means do they wear mostly handmade things. I make dresses for them occasionally and hang them on hangers in their closet for when they feel like donning something a bit more ornate. Penny loves fancy clothes. When I make things for Lulu she often says, with a bashful posture, "I'm a little bit jealous of that sweater, Mama." I tell her there's certainly some new things to come for her, too. And when they do come, she really appreciates them. Sometimes she treats them too preciously, not wanting to wear them often, or wanting to take them off when she thinks she might get messy while eating or painting.

The sizes are bigger now, the patterns take a bit more fabric. Sizes 2 and 4 seems to be a bit of a sweet spot for me, however. Where infant things were just too mini, and clothes for me are a bit more cumbersome, these clothes seem to take just the time I like, and I'm still always surprised what I can squeak out of my scrap bin. The girls are, too. As long as the process makes me happy, and product delights them, I see no reason for stopping :).

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motherof5 said...

What pretty pretty sewing, accompanied by some very pretty words.