Monday, April 4, 2016

Butterflies in the Grass

Penny Jones had her 4th birthday party in the backyard this weekend. A dozen girls ("I'm not inviting boys. Boys like to play 'Bad Guys' and I don't like that.") came to our house and decorated butterfly wings, pulled strings of a pinata, ate their weight in chocolate cake, and celebrated Penelope Jones. The weather was glorious and so was the friendship, fluttering around the garden.

Siblings were present. Lulu made a special friend in 8 year-old Cora, sister to one of Penny's preschool buddies. Cora crafted wings with Lulu, watched her finish her cake, cleaned her hands and face for her, and then followed her out into the garden to play with her. My heart melted.

What can I say about Penny Jones? She's a lover of family, and friends, flowers, and fashion. She's a gentle spirit who is always willing to share. It's truly phenomenal. I can count on one hand the number of tantrums she's ever had. She wants nothing more than to have everyone get along. She likes to hug your neck and shout, "Together!".  She loves rules, and she loves routine. She loves naps, still wants to sleep in her crib, and still wants to spend every waking moment with her mama. I used to say, "Don't be 4! Four is too big." to which her reply was always the same: "Don't worry. I'll still be a good girl. And I'll still be your best friend". What more could I want, than that?

Also, a school note. Because I know I'll lose it. And I really don't want to:

Penny Jones, you are an inspiration to all of us. We really couldn't love you more.

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