Monday, March 28, 2016

Good Eggs, 2016

We had a very special Easter weekend. On Saturday. we went to an epic public egg hunt that felt more like a sporting event than a holiday occasion. The girls loved it. They got their arms painted by girl scouts, met the Easter Bunny, gathered chocolate eggs, petted baby animals, and saw their best friends. There was joy, and of course some tears. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

On Sunday, the rain returned. We had a outdoor brunch in the neighborhood with an egg hut for the kids, who weren't deterred by the weather. Holidays have been so much fun, lately. Seeing what the girls can do, what they understand, what sparks their imagination and what brings them joy, brings us constant happiness. I must laugh at least 50 times a day. Hope your Easter weekend was just as joyful.

PS. Their handmade outfits are described in the last post.
PPS. Easter 2015 and Easter 2014, and Easter 2012 (when she fit in the basket she carried this year!)

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