Monday, September 28, 2009

Home Base

I've been enjoying some nice time at home, apart from nursing my first cold of the season.

Mr. Furly, my lifelong companion in illness, however, is gone again. He left me in Bristol, impressed by city's maritime past, assuring me his travels would be brief and perfectly legal (unlike his past adventures). I expect he might read this, and hear my calls of beckoning: "HOME TIME!"


lorena said...

Hi! It is me again! Lorena, the Amateur knitter! well, I have finished another project... I think the result is not that untasteful... ;) I really enjoyed doing it and when I startes I was not too sure of the utcome... It is my head but as I knitt the design is kind of changing LOL.
Any way, Have a look and tell me what you think. Were you having a cold?

lorybeat said...

Hi there again!
I wonder of you did have a look at my Jumper. I am so new in this that I am sort of seeking aproval everywhere I go.
You can see it at:

Any way, I love yoor stuff! I am knitting some scarf for a child's friend as well, any excuse!
Lorena Villegas-Cid