Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Great Danes: 3 Nights in Copenhagen

I'm back! After 2 weeks at Aardman, Mr. Jones and I took a Valentine's trip to Copenhagen. It was freezing! There's nothing like curing the winter blues in your own city by going to an even colder one. I was actually happy to get back to zero degree London. Still, armed with the vintage ski sweaters we bought here in London for the trip, we saw great sites in a great city:

We walked about 6 hours a day, and often traveled by foot on frozen rivers and canals. I was initially really scared, but after seeing families with strollers and ice skaters on there, I had to try it out.

Is there an old city anywhere where you can't find a stunning church? This one, with chandeliers, pure white walls, and everything hand carved, really struck me.

And sometimes you find streets that are exactly how you imagined a place to be:

Of course, Mr. Jones was busy exploring his own places of interest. Luckily he didn't come out with much!

I found two items I couldn't live without in this city, though Copenhagen is not for the faint of wallet. I think we said "This costs HOW MUCH?!" about 50 times a day. Still, it's an amazing city with stunning architecture, a great sense of environmentalism, incredibly bilingual people, and the most stylish natives I have ever seen. Great Danes, indeed.

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