Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goldenrod Owls

When I find a new sportweight yarn that I love, I make this, my favorite sweater. That's exactly what happened when I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival and pawed my way through the Shaggy Bear Farms stand. I found this yarn, like hand spun gold.

Making the five year-old size of the pattern this time, I again altered it to knit the fronts and the back in one piece up to the armhole, then split it. I did some jiggery with the stitch numbers for the owl cables, and then got to work. (Ravelry details here).

The wool became softer in blocking, and once I sewed on all the buttons I knew I had to have more of this wool. But the farm is a phone number and personal email only sort of place, and they haven't gotten back to me quite yet. I'm enjoying the idea that they're just too busy, doing, you know, farm stuff.

The roughness and multi-dimensional color of this yarn are what make this my favorite owl sweater yet. I mean, I've made so many now, can I really make many more? I've done it here, here, and here.

We all know that the answer there, is yes.

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