Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Pattern, with History

This past Christmas I got an interesting gift from my Mother-in-Law's best friend Judy. Judy does not knit, but knows that I do. Judy's mum was also a keen knitter. So she gifted me a xerox copied pattern, 2 balls of corresponding yarn, and this card:

The note inside reads: "Dear Holly, My mum has made this coat so many times. I thought you might like to make it for your baby girl. It must be 40 years old, the pattern." So I made it!

It's a lace picot matinee coat by Patons UK (Ravelry details here). Turns out Judy's mum made one for almost every member of her own family, as well as every new member of Mr. Jones' family, including my husband, Mr. Jones!

I can't decide whether to add three buttons at the top with a crochet closure, but I have some sweet ones standing by should I decide to, later.

Let me tell you, in working the intricate lace yolk I realized that Judy's mum was a pretty savvy knitter (I was, at times, screaming with frustration while also learning new British to American knitting terms: "yfwd yrn" anyone?). In the process, I have fallen in love with picot edges. So simple and gorgeous!

I love this sweater, and I love the history of the pattern, passed on to a future generation, from Birmingham, England to Portland, Oregon. Thanks so much, Judy!


sew nancy said...

Oh, I love this sweater. I have used picot edges a few times and really enjoy the look.
So what did it mean
Yarn forward your right needle????

You look great in the red dress too!

Unfurled said...

Nancy, it's a double increase, who knew! Instead of just bringing the yarn to the front and then knitting to the back, you wrap it around the needle twice. Took me ages to work out the numbers!

Anonymous said...

I made this jacket 40 odd years ago and loved it! sadly I no longer have the pattern and with a grandchild on the way would dearly love to find it again!