Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jean and Chuck: Parental Preperation

When we last heard from Jean, she was squatting around the house, limbering up for delivery. These days, she and her husband Chuck are doing similar things to Mr. Jones and me, to prepare for our upcoming addition (please click on these hilarious photos to enlarge):

I might be hemming and crafting all sorts of things for the baby, but Mr. Jones isn't so 'up' on that insurance idea quite yet. We did go for a tour of our hospital, however.

Boys have all the fun, don't they? Straight for the gas, probably giggling away...

Oh how I love this image. I'd love for Mr. Jones to meet with a pediatrician (or psychiatrist!) to discuss improvements over his own childhood. They might never let him out of the hospital, with all his great ideas...

Of course the women are left to see where they'll actually deliver the baby, without their husbands. Mr. Jones and I did our hospital tour together, of course. But the looks on these ladies faces were the same as ours: interest, resignation, or shall I say nervous anticipation.

Next up: Jean gives birth!

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