Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Blimp

Only 7 weeks to go (well, a bit more, and then she might be late) on the maternity front, and I believe I've finished up sewing from my vintage maternity patterns. This last dress, made of gorgeous red wool from Fabric Depot, is for Valentine's Day (Mr. Jones: "Why, wha? What's happening for Valentine's Day?" I shrug.)

This is the pattern. On it, written in pen, is the date 2/15/71. Almost Valentine's Day itself! I love all the variations, especially the puff sleeve, and the necktie.

On a rare sunny day in Portland, Mr. Jones and I took a walk with the camera, only to get locked out of our house. So I posed in the streets on the way to the landlord's house to get a spare key. How funny he thought it was to have me pose by the graffiti "blimp" in my current state! Ok, it's a lil' bit funny...

And in front of the neighborhood firehouse...if only it was Engine 14!

I'm not sure what we'll do for heart day, but I'm planning to make some special treats. I haven't baked anything in what feels like years.

Whatever we do, it's crazy to think this will be our last Valentine's Day alone, before a little one joins us in April!

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Lauren Knight said...

Oh, how exciting! You are adorable!