Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hide and Seek

Nothing kinky going on here, my friends, just some small sewing projects to share with you this week. For Valentine's Day I made Mr. Jones some eye masks. Sleep alludes our household, and Mr. Jones has been known to resurrect a dusty old eye mask from a flight he took 3 years ago to block the weekend morning sun.

So I cut a quick template, got out my scrap stash and 13 inches of elastic for each mask, and whipped these up in about an hour. They've been used often since last week.

Also could be nice for a girly spa day gift, or scented with lavender for relaxation, or made for a child's birthday with some 'pin the tail on the..' action. We're not too fancy 'round my house, however. At times, we just like to keep it dark.

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Lauren Knight said...

I get migraines and with them comes an extreme sensitivity to light- this would be perfect for one of those days! Thanks for sharing, and I love your blog!