Friday, February 24, 2012

Tree Hugger

I'm doing a woodland themed nursery. So I've been making simple projects suitable for her, in woodland fabrics I find charming. This is the "Snuggler" from this book, which I highly recommend, especially if your sewing skills are limited. Each project is so simple and quick! I've also made these from a pattern in it.

I've heard great things about these burrito-style wraps for babies, especially this one, which I've put on my registry just in case it's better. I do hope she likes being wrapped in this log, though. Perhaps with a knitted gnome cap on her head? Oh, the costumes my daughter is in for...

The Snuggler is made of cotton, of course, and lined with a super soft mushroom knit fabric I ordered from Purl.

Speaking of woodland, can we talk about these clothes from Dutch children's company Oilily?

Dreamy....that's all I can say.

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sabbychic by sabrina culver said...

I love your blog and came across it doing a search for oilily...i have been similarly charmed by their clothing and while living in the netherlands for many years i acquired lots of clothing for myself and for my kids...beautiful stuff...trying to find out where and if i can follow you!
sabrina sabbychic