Friday, March 16, 2012

Jean's Birth Story

When we last saw Jean, a mother from the book "Natural Childbirth" by Herbert Thoms, M.D. (published 1950), she and her husband Chuck were touring the hospital, trying out the gas masks, saving money for college.  You know, the normal baby prep. things.  Now, Jean has gone into labor (as I soon will) and her husband is there in the very early stages, to HELP MAKE HER PURR (please click to enlarge, and read these genius captions).

I guess that rubbing and purring wasn't enough, as her husband is soon escorted out, to be replaced by her OB.  Please note, she feels the contractions are like gagging at the wrong end.  Mothers, can you confirm this please?

Jean's baby begins crowning.  The hand on the left side of the frame really illustrates the point, I think:

Apparently it's INTENSE EFFORT and not pain, that makes you wince in childbirth.  Who knew!  Oh wait, the male doctor who wrote this book.  He knows!

I love this photo.  It's somewhere between the agony of childbirth, and a 1950s pin-up girl.  I only hope to look this good on The Day:

Finally, she meets her baby.  Well done, Jean!

Are you curious as to what Jean's daughter looks like, is named, or how on earth her husband is going to bond with this thing?  Stay tuned for the last installment!


kristenmakes said...

I have just gotta say how much I am enjoying Jean's story! This is so hilarious and your comments on the ordeal are just perfect. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Sarah Wells Lamont said...

Intense effort, yes and stinging.

The Deranged Housewife said...

These are great posts. Thank you for sharing. :) I have a similar book on home birth that I found for $2 and want to post them on my blog, too! :)