Thursday, June 28, 2012

Must Have Been a Seersucker Baby

I'm calling this dress "Another Sunny Spot", it being the second creation from the Japanese craft book I'm so smitten with these days.  It's another children's garment made from my scrap box: seersucker from this dress, and a gray suiting from this dress.  Voila!  I love it.

Please be warned that this book is in japanese, so you do need to know how to make clothing first, before you attempt the projects.  What I love about doing it is that it takes a good amount of problem solving.  Not every pattern piece is given to you (like facings and such), so you use your previous knowledge to work it out.  

Whereas I thought that might be tricky with the limited sewing time I have these days (and the limited brain capacity I seem to have, as well), this way of working actually suits me.  When I wasn't sewing, I was thinking about the next steps, instead of following strict instructions in more conventional patterns.  Once I got to the sewing table, I knew exactly what I should be doing.

The result is almost as cute as the example shown in the book.  I also customized a bit, choosing to not gather the arm bands like the book's version.

Though I have no idea what size it is (the measurements are in centimeters, and I haven't looked at what age is for what measurement), I'll be putting this one away for when Penny is bigger (maybe 12 months?  Maybe 18 months old?).

The projects have been so gratifying, I'm not done with this book quite yet, though whatever happened to sewing for myself?  It's been quite a while...

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