Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Penny at 4 Months

Penelope Jones turned four months old on Sunday.  She's doing so well, and is such a baby now! A baby like I always imagined: cooing and squirming, giggling and sitting on my forearm for rides around the house. She's now 13 pounds 7 ounces, and learning lots every day!  She loves to be on her tummy, flipping over as soon as you put her on a blanket.  At baby group she's called "Penny, The Mover", as she's ahead of the game on rolling.  Her arms and legs make crawling motions, but she can't get any traction quite yet.  She's 49% in weight, 70% in height, and 86% on head size.  Someday her size will catch up to that heavy head, and then she'll be on the move!  

Dressing Penny (or maybe keeping Penny undressed) has become so much fun, too.  Here she is in her vintage diaper cover on her vintage baby blanket. Like vintage much?!

She loves time with Daddy in the warm Summer evenings.  They've always looked so similar, though recent reports are that a resemblance to me is creeping its way in there!

Whether or not that's true, sometimes I call her The Ventriloquist Doll (no dummies here), as I'll look over and they'll both be wearing the same expression, on such similar faces!

I've noticed a change, too, in that sometimes Penny just wants to be with me.  Previously, I felt she was so needy, but as long as her needs were being met by someone, she didn't really mind who it was (and I didn't mind, either ;)!)  Now I can see her react to me, and lock eyes with me, and want to be held by only me, even when other people are around.  It's a very sweet part to being a mommy!

Perhaps the most shocking thing about Penny this month is that I've started to see what she'll look like when she grows up.  She's all baby, getting chubbier and doing all the things babies do.  But sometimes I look at her and I can see her future girlhood.

And I hope she's as lovely as I think she'll be.

At four months, Penny already has such a personality!

(sweater and booties spun and knit by the amazing VeraBee, who also draws award-winning comics; the girl's got SKILLZZ)

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Anonymous said...

she is a doll. i can't wait to someday have my own.