Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Trinket for Penny

I finished a sweater for Penny.  It could well be my favorite thing I've knitted for her so far.  It's from this 1957 booklet:

I've seen this booklet in many vintage shops (I got mine in a stack from an estate sale).  I think it's readily available, and has so many great patterns in it.  Pick it up if you see it, Knitters! I chose this style to knit for her:

The instructions, like those of so many vintage patterns I find, are straightforward and clear.  I used one of my favorite yarns ever, Tosh Sock in the color way 'Amber Trinket". It's got a lot of yardage on the skein, has a lovely drape, and is machine washable.  

Isn't the stitch pattern adorable?  Now Penny has her own trinket, to wear when she's a bit older.  She's growing so fast these days, it won't be long!

Yesterday I took her to our baby group and, though she's been there consistently since she was 2 weeks old, she had more fun yesterday than she ever had.  She loved the babies, rolling toward them and reaching out to touch them.  She laughed at six month-old Elise next to her for 10 minutes straight! all got to be too much.  The party was over and she was crabby, wanted out of there, came home and was too tired to let herself sleep.  Aren't these little creatures funny?  In some ways, they are really like little adults.  That could have been a description of any given college party I attended years ago.  Sometimes, though, even though it ends badly, you just have to go to the party no matter what. Right Penny?

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FoFo said...

very pretty sweater!