Monday, August 20, 2012

England, Part 1

We had a great time in England!  Within a few hours of landing from the long journey, large groups of friends and family starting arriving at the Jones' house in Birmingham.  Penny is blessed to have lots of family, and so many of them came to meet her during the time we were there.  These are just a few pics of the many (many) we took.

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole visit was to see Penny with her cousins. She has three, and they could not get enough of her.  At one point, Summer, age 3, ripped off a tiny piece of ham from her sandwich and, with the best intentions to feed her cousin, tried dropping it in Baby Penny's open mouth (luckily Mr. Jones intercepted). I was touched by her desire to share, and her assessment of the portion size Penny might eat :). Cousin Poppy kept telling me "Penelope told me...".  Apparently cousins have their own secret language!

From left: Cousin Poppy age 4, Cousin Summer age 3, Penny J, and Cousin Chloe, age 16.
"Penelope told me she wants me to hold her."

Great Aunt Evelyn meets Penny

Friends Chyna and Amelia Leon meet Penelope Amelia Jones.

Penny is lucky enough to have two great-grandmothers!
This is Great Grandmother Doreen.

One of the smaller groups of immediate family!

And another party, where Penny gets passed around and endlessly 
entertained by the Joneses. 
Great Uncles Barry and Bobby admire her on a lovely day outside.

"Team Great Britain" or Ollie and the Girls, back from some games in the garden.

The Cousins, with their dad, Uncle Jan.

I have an extremely small family, with no first cousins, as both my parents are only children.  So it's really exciting for me to know that Penny has so much family on her father's side and cousins with whom she will be close her whole life.  How lucky we are to have these photos, to mark the first time she met so many new people.  Lucky Penny, indeed!

Next up: Penny hits London.

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John said...

Such a beautiful and happy baby. And what a good-looking family!