Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hotel Pennsylvania

Penny met her first dog while in Pennyslvania!  My mom's poodle, Jack, was obsessed with her, licking her hands and face whenever available and sleeping outside of her crib during naps.  She loved him, too!  The giggles were contagious.  

Lots of smiles from Bobcia (Gran) and Ciocia (Aunty) Heather.  Penny wore her Geek Vest a lot in the changeable autumn weather.

My mother had a party to introduce Penny to friends and family.  Penny enjoyed her favorite thing: Cousin Time!

She couldn't get enough of Uncle Joe (also known as Uncle Ken - I know, confusing!):

Super Social Penny loved meeting everyone, though she's going through some "early separation anxiety", her doctor tells me. She needed to keep one eye on me at all times or there was big (BIG) tears.  Bless her, she had no idea where she was, 3000 miles away from home.  We also spent 36 hours in Chicago! Seeing my college roommate Janine and her husband Tom and gorgeous 18 month-old Will was dreamy (and I have no photos of this, for shame)). 

In closing this post, let me just say that traveling with an infant alone is hard.  SO HARD, I tell you, that at times I closed my eyes on the plane and thought "we are refugees, going to a better land", because if I thought I could just as easily be at home, I might have turned around and gone back.  Now that we are home, though, I'm so glad we did it!  

Thanks to everyone for hosting us, visiting with us, and giving Penny some lovely presents. We are so very lucky to know you all!

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Jocelyn Pascall said...

oh my god Holly - she is so beautiful! Great pics.