Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sasquatch Sweater

Who doesn't love Sasquatch? He comes out of the woods and sits down to dinner with your family and generally bonds with your children like E.T.  'Round these Northwest parts, you can have conversations with people who seriously believe they have seen him.  Harry?  Could you be in the parkland behind my house? Would you like to come in for some quiche?

I was gifted this patch by the Head of Visual Effects at my last job. How amazing!  He got it from an ebay store that makes fake scout badges after he learned that I never got over my ejection from Brownies circa 1982. All this Sasquatch talk got me to take out my grid and start designing. This was over a year ago. Was I even pregnant yet?

Finally the other day, I finished it. A Sasquatch sweater for Baby Penny, made from the pattern I used previously, with many changes (Ravelry notes HERE): I added a buttoned neck opening. I changed the shape of the arms. I taught myself "intarsia in the round" from THIS video. How clever!

Made from scratchy wool (it's only appropriate for a Sasquatch sweater), I'm now working on version 2 for a Christmas present, rejigging the numbers for a smaller neck opening. I might make a white one as well, to invoke the spirit of Yetti!

Perhaps if Sasquatch does make an appearance, he'll know we're friendly by looking at our wardrobe.  Joan Ocean will teach us how to make contact!  And if he can change dirty diapers, he can stay as long as he likes.

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