Friday, November 30, 2012

We Found Christmas

Last weekend, we found Christmas and brought it home.  We chopped down our own tree once before, but had yet to find a great spot to make a tradition.  This year, we found it!  Plumper tree farm, only a few minutes drive from our house, was where quaintness ruled and...Penelope drooled? Kidding! We headed out in our best flannels, and chopped down a noble beauty.

The farmhouse and shop, with jams and jellies to buy, and animals for your infant to stare at, quizzically:

I made Penny a lumberjack hat, to match her new store-bought dress (hat pattern was here). We looked for the best tree.  I looked high, she looked low.  

She spotted her perfect Charlie Brown twig.  It was a flat price for any size tree, though, so we just couldn't take it along...

So she helped her dad chop down (and by chop I mean saw), the tiny trunk of her second favorite:

After a few more family photos we strapped Penny to the roof of the car and we were off...

...for burgers and pumpkin milkshakes on the way home.

Mission accomplished!  On this journey, Mr. Jones declared "I love Oregon for this stuff.  The pumpkins, and the trees and all this..."  Uh, nature?  Because this trip is the closest our family has ever gotten to camping, it being a whopping 3 hours out in the fresh air.  It was glorious, as is the decorated tree!  Just wait 'til you see.

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