Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Oh, didn't we have a glorious long weekend!  Daddy Time was in abundance, and so were the smiles.  We packed it in, too. We really did.  Here's the round-up!

There was, as usual, a lot of Skyping with family.  Brummie cousins 6000 miles away make Penny cackle with laughter and lunge for the iPhone:

Trips into town on the streetcar mean our Christmas shopping is almost done!

Penny wore her homemade argyle to the big meal!

And while we enjoyed desserts, she enjoyed lots of attention, and what she loves most - other babbbbiiieesss!!!  

There was also a visit to Santa (Penny had a long list to go over with him) and the cutting of our Christmas tree (wait till you see these hilarious photos), so the holiday season is officially underway over here!  How YOU doin'?

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