Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Once home, we decorated our tree. One thing I hate in life is decorating, but somehow the tree is different!  We put on Christmas music, I sort the tangled lights, and it felt like we were done in 15 minutes, even if it's more like 45.

When finished, it looked glorious, if I do say so myself!

We brought Penny over. She had been sitting on the sidelines, tilting her head quizzically and listening to her dad's explanations. She grinned, then licked. There is no bigger acceptance from an infant, is there?

But let me show you the toy ornaments, collected by my grandmother, now age 101, and sent to us by my mother this past year. None are valuable, but all are cherished. This mouse immediately became Penny's favorite. She grabs for her every time we let her near the tree.

We've added a few ornaments, too.  Like these Christmas balls from PeeWee's Playhouse on Broadway where we got engaged.  There's also many that I bought for my grandmother on previous vacations, and craft fairs I visited as a child.

My grandmother had a sled made for both my sister, Heather,and me one year. This little wooden boy with the knitted hat is my personal favorite. Mr. Jones joked about one Santa ornament who boasts "CVS pharmacy, 1995". You can't get ornaments like that every day, can you! 

This owl dons the top:

Penny loves her tree. I mean, loves it. She eats breakfast next to it as we turn it on in the early hours of the day, and eats dinner looking at it in the dark evenings.

I think we'll all miss it when it's gone.  It's become part of the family!

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