Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I finished a sweater (for an adult)!  It took me ages.  I stalled out on it a couple of times, but it's done and it came out nicely!  The pattern is Levenwick by Gundrun Johnson, and I made it for my friend Peg, who had a big birthday this year (Ravelry link here).

Sometimes with my limited time these days, it's hard to make patterns with new techniques to learn.  The idea of teaching myself something new when I'm tired often means the project is going in the hibernation basket...and quickly.  Once I decided to take this sweater to the finish line, however, the new techniques were so satisfying.  I learned i-cord bind off, one row buttonholes, and the old shale patterning.  Genius, all!  And if you're not a knitter, disregard all this useless babble!

I have a secret wish to make sweaters for all my closest friends and family.  I made one for my sister a while back.  I already have my next project in progress!  When it might be done, I haven't a clue.

Peg, who is giving birth next month, likes her present a lot, it seems.  No one likes gray more than Peg, I know that for sure.  I liked making this sweater so much, I might even make one for myself...uh, someday!

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