Friday, December 7, 2012

Penny at 8 Months

Penelope Jones turned 8 months old this week, and right after the seven month mark, things started getting more exciting than ever. In one week, she sat up, sipped through a straw, spoke more words than ever, and had a million more opinions about how she wanted everything done (or not done, as the refusal is adamant).

She's on the verge of crawling, and it's so cute I can barely take it. She does an army crawl on her forearms, after hitting this promising position from sitting, and also loves standing up. (Penny is wearing her Tiny Wooly Tee).

She's got a million more facial expressions, and even more words.  Just last week she started doing a call and response, where we make a specific sound and she imitates it.  It's a conversation!  It's really fun.

Penny's doesn't laugh easily.  She hardly ever giggles, so when you get one, it's really satisfying. This baby is smiley, though. Wow. All day and all evening, even when she's at her most tired, she's got a grin for you. She might get fussy and demanding, but there's never much crying. I can't tell you how thankful I am for that. (Penny is wearing her Trinket.)

Penny is sleeping through the night, too! I'm the subject of much jealousy (or tired resent?) from the moms in my Baby & Me group. It just started happening on it's own, too. The funniest thing about this baby is that neither her dad and I can really comfort her. If you try to rock her, or snuggle her tight, she gets *enraged*. It just feels too constricting, I guess.  So we sing a quick song while carrying her to bed, put her in the crib, and she settles into sleeping for 10 hours on her own. Could. We. Be. Luckier.  (I also understand this all might change next week, believe me.) 

When you go in her room in the morning, this little friend will be waiting for you. As Mr. Jones says, "Oh!  Isn't someone happy to be alive!"  She'll make a little sound, specific to her widest grin, and you know she's ready for action.

Penny Jones is ready to learn things every day.  She just wants to be shown new things constantly, and we are happy to oblige.

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