Friday, January 25, 2013

A Sweater for Frank

I started three different sweaters for this baby, but none of them were right. See, this baby is special. He came with much anticipation, so I knew things had to be "just right" for him. The sweater had to be soft, and fun, and sweet - all the things I knew he'd be.  When he came, they named him Frank. Frank! I love this name. It has a long history in their family and it seemed to suit him perfectly. 

When I saw him, I tossed the other attempts aside, picked up some orange and white sock yarn, and cast on for my favorite newborn baby sweater. I've made this sweater so many times before, I almost know the pattern's numbers in my head.  Speaking of heads! Look at this one, just one day old when I saw him, sleeping so peacefully.

It'll be a little while until he's big enough to wear his new outfit (trousers are from one of my favorite baby stores) but I think it suits him well. He's Frank, and he's so lovely!  

Congratulations, Peg and Dean! We can't wait to get to know him.

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