Thursday, January 31, 2013

Penny at 10 months

Penelope Jones turned 10 months old this week. Somewhere after seven months, things started gaining momentum, and now, with her 1 year-old birthday within reach, the disbelief is starting to set in. Still, when I think back, it's been a long year. Time is a very strange thing.

I see Penny more like a child than a baby already. She has a big personality. She hardly lets me do anything for her. My job now, according to Penny, is to entertain her. When I try to take care of her (change her diaper, feed her) she gets enraged. I can already hear her shouting, "I'll do it, myself!". 

She's curious about everything. She's into everything. We've done some baby proofing, and we need to do some more. With this much determination, she will find ways.

She pulls herself up on the furniture quickly. She stands for long periods of time and bounces up and down on her feet. She lets go with one hand when she needs to gesture while talking. Sometimes she forgets, and lets go with both hands. She's not too bothered by the fall. She quickly gets back up again, chatting away.

Penny is an incredibly adventurous eater. She's not big on baby food, and will only have pureed food in a sachet with a straw so she can sip it herself. Mostly, she wants to eat what we have, chomping away on fish and cheese sandwiches and spinach pie. I can't remember if there was ever a day she sampled something she didn't like.  

It's been a hard month. She was under the weather after New Year, then she got her bottom two front teeth, and now she's recovering from a bad cold. I don't remember another month where any of us slept so little.

Penny loves playing. Penny loves being out with people. She smiles and waves and chats.  She loves going in the car. She loves her daddy. Her naps are slightly longer and her crying is louder, but so are her laughs. Penelope Jones is a little person already. She knows fun, and she wants more and more and more of it.

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