Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Penny at 9 Months

While we were in Maui, Penelope Jones turned nine months old. This has definitely been my favorite month so far. The milestones have been coming fast and furiously. She's so pround of her own progress, too, her proud smile is so sweet to see.

Penny is 74 percentile in height, 38 percentile in weight, and still has a 90% head! She's 18.5 pounds, which I can feel most on our (usually brief) rocks to sleep.  She's standing, and pulling herself up.  She's crawling everywhere, and getting faster by the day! In month nine, she continued sleeping through the night.

My favorite thing is her talking.  It's so emphatic, as she points and furrows her brow in seriousness.  She does it in the back of the car, and in the living room with her toys, and most sweetly in her bed in the morning or after a long nap.  When Ollie and I talk, she likes to talk too.  I could listen to it all day.  Oh wait, I do! (Penny is wearing her Geek Vest).

She started loving dogs this month.  Just the sight of them make her giggle.  Don't get Penny too close, though, if you're dog doesn't like his hear pulled!

Everything is going into her mouth now. Everything. It seems the need to baby proof our house came in one quick day. Luckily, there's wasn't much on the beach that she couldn't eat. When playing in the sand became boring, she tried snacking on it, too.

The biggest change in month nine is that it's now become easy to meet Penny's needs, and it's getting harder to fill her desires. Feeding her is easier, knowing when to change her is easy (guess how!) and she's sleeping like clockwork every three hours.  

Penny likes to be out, however. She's super social, loves other people and other babies.  When she's at home you better get some games lined up because Penny is not happy when she's bored. She'll settle for a good buzzy electronic, but not for long. And do not pander to her with those toy electronics; she will not be fooled!

She's got such a big personality. I can only imagine how much it will grow as more time passes for Penny Jones. It's been a stellar month, and we are so lucky to have her!

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