Friday, July 26, 2013

On Puff Sleeves, and Sisterhood

When Penny was tiny, one of the hardest things for me about having a new baby (there were so many hard things!) was that, for a time, all my creative ventures stopped.  I didn't leave the couch much, constantly breastfeeding and figuring out a whole new world of needs and solutions.  These days, I seem to be in a sweet spot of making things, thanks to standard nap times and a great new babysitter.  Before our second baby arrives and my making comes to an abrupt halt again, I've been crafting things for the future. I made Penny this shirt, recently... 

...from this vintage pattern, part of a collection I scored at the thrift store, of all different sizes.  I've made the jumper, too, but it's for a gift, so I'll have to show you later ;).

The puff sleeves and Peter Pan collar are just what I want from vintage patterns: small touches that make them look cute, classic, and sweet.

Penny seems to like it already.  And though it's for her when she's a couple years older, I'm already imagining that if she doesn't want it, I can pass it to her sister.  And that maybe a mention of that might make Penny want it all the more.

Isn't that how it works with sisters? :)


Stephanie said...

So stinkin' adorable!!! I'm new to sewing with patterns. Do you cut yours out or trace them? How do you trace them anyway? Can't get over that shirt. That is one happy handmade wearin' baby. : )

Unfurled said...

Hi Stephanie! I usually trace my patterns onto tissue paper so I can preserve multiple sizes, though with vintage patterns they're often times one size only, and already cut by a previous owner. I'm so glad you like the shirt!