Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Past Weekend

We have a new weekend tradition.  We go to a new part of town (there are so many great parts of Portland!), explore their park, walk the neighborhood (usually pointing at houses we like there), sometimes have a bite to eat, and get in the car and get home before Penny's afternoon nap.  This past weekend we explored Sellwood, land of amazing vintage shops, wonderful river views, one cute old amusement park, and a family-friendly village vibe we really admired.  Here's some photos of time we spent in Sellwood Park, so gorgeous! 

Penny sure liked walking under the tall trees and maybe...imitating them?

When the girl sees the highest slide she's ever laid eyes on, with a staircase she believes she can handle, there's no deterring her:

Daddy makes sure she doesn't stray from the climb upward:

Penny has a thing with new slides; she always tests them backwards first, sliding on her tummy.  It's too cute.  At the end, she turns around to watch her dad, and then they both hop off together.

She must have climbed that slide 20 times.  Then we moved onto the other play areas:

It was a lovely morning, and it's been such an amazing Summer outdoors!  We're trying to savor every moment.  Next time we'll take a dip in the public pool. Sellwood, are you ready for us? ;)

P.S. Penny wears her homemade TOP.

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