Monday, July 29, 2013

Zoo Day

We went to the zoo with Dean and Frank, our favorite stay-at-home dad and son team!  We wore matching outfits! Well, not all of us.  We navigated through large summer camp groups. The babies had very little interest in the animals and all the caged-up wildlife sort of depressed me, but at least the trip took us to nap time :).   Here are some highlights, including this sea lion:

I still contend that for the babies under 2, an aquarium is a better bet than a zoo. Nevermind!

Bears and boys/Bears and girls:

Elephants, one of the few animals Penny could find in their "habitats":

Then she got bored and sat on the signage, waiting for other toddlers to come along so she could show them her belly button (yes, we're in that phase, and it is, indeed, hilarious).

I think the highlight of the trip for Penny was this massage chair, which she insisted on climbing into about 30 times before we left.  To each her own!  

I'll take a coin foot massage anytime.  Thanks for a fun morning, Dean and Frank!

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