Saturday, August 3, 2013

File Under: Clothes I'd Like to Own

Oh, I'm really getting into these Japanese craft books.  I love the styles of the clothing and the styling of the photographs.  I love the mystery of not being given every pattern piece.  I love the challenge of no instructions.  I'm especially loving this book, my favorite so far:

After seeing these photos, I had to make the whole outfit.

First I made the linen shirt:

Then I made the jodhpurs:

The button closures on the legs are killing me:

What age are these girls?  I'd say 5ish, perhaps?  I like all of the clothes.  I'd wear any of it, and I plan to sew it all! I even love how all of the wrinkles in the linen look. So cozy.

I finished off Penny's shirt with wooden buttons at the back.  

Cutest, cutest girls, and such great outfits! Not too girly, and in nice, neutral colors.  If only all girls women could dress like this! We'd either be in a stage play of "Oliver!" or an English show jumping competition. The good news is, we'd never have to pick up an iron.

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Amy said...

The clothes are too cute! Love your version - and put the girls in clogs even better