Saturday, August 17, 2013

2nd Baby's 1st Sweater

There's been epic changes around here of late, as Penny tried her first week of daycare! As you can imagine, after spending so much time alone together for over 16 months, it was extremely difficult.  But she did it! We did it! She and I both had colds this week, too, which didn't help.  I also did a bit of freelance work and wow, did that feel good. It reminded me of when I would visit New York while living in London and it was just so comfortable - like I didn't need to think about so many little things I considered each day, even if I enjoyed considering them, you know? It felt like being back on my 'home turf'.  I sure did miss Penny, though.

Among the stress, as usual, there was knitting. I'm knitting for the next baby now. I know she might never have as many handmade things as Penny, as life is just so much more hectic these days. I'm trying not to feel that guilt. This sweater, however, was so quick, and such a joy to make (Ravelry details HERE) that I've cast on for another one. I loved the pattern, and I loved the yarn, so much. When a good project helps you through tough times, you should at least make a couple more of them, right?

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