Friday, August 23, 2013

Pigtails and Ice Cream

It's only the second week of Penny trying out daycare, and I swear she's grown up so much since she's started. Maybe it's that I spend fewer hours staring at her each day, or maybe it's that she comes home from "school" doing and saying so many new things (like these questioning hand movements, below). Or maybe it's that once in a while they give everyone pigtails (even the boys, who request them) and it makes her look a little bit less like a baby, and a more like a little girl.

She's gotten a bit of road rage lately.  Could it be all the rush hour traffic to and from "work"? ;)

She also tried ice cream for the first time and was instantly smitten. When Mr. Jones took the cone away from her face, she made a low pitched growling sound, which only ended when she could feel the soft serve on her nose again.

Happy Last Days of Summer, Everyone!

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