Friday, December 6, 2013

December Blooms

I found a sunflower outside my front door last week, in full bloom, in December.  It was so lovely! I had just finished this dress and cardigan combination for Penny (Ravelry link HERE). Both are a bit big for her now, but she'll be ready for them in Spring when the flowers are really blooming.

It's snowing here today! And it's freezing! And I might be having a baby in the next week! Certainly in the next two. I digress. The dress is from this pattern:

It's part of a large collection of "Viola's" (as you can see), thrifted in a large batch. I want to make so many of them but I have a feeling that finding the time will be as rare as finding a blooming sunflower, outside your door, in December.


sew nancy said...

Gorgeous little dress. I like the sweater too. Which pattern did you use for that? Best wishes for you and your growing family for the holiday season and the coming year.

sew nancy said...

never mind i see now the link. i though it looked familiar. i want to make it again someday especially with the later amendments. it was a bit wide in the neck originally