Monday, December 9, 2013

JCPenny Jones

We went for a portrait session at JCPenney! I couldn't help it, it was a $19 Amazon Local deal and I LOVE cheesy portrait studio sessions. My friend Mattey and I were notorious at the St. Louis Walmart... Anyway, after considering some gauche pregnancy belly themes, we got dressed in our fanciest red bows and headed to the mall.  It was completely high stress and low expectations, and SO CROWDED. Of course, we got a pile of nothing, and they tried to upsell us at every stage of the game. It might all be funny in about 10 years, right?

I give you the result:

Which Mr. Jones thought would look better (and he means better) with eyes crossed, added by his good self:

Then there's this gem. I love Penny's "dead behind the eyes" look as she gets kissed by both her parents.

Penny Jones has about 12 words, and one of them is "mall".  I guess the place makes a real impression. Hope you're having a festive season so far!