Monday, December 2, 2013

Tree Chop 2013

We have what is becoming a family tradition of cutting down our tree on Black Friday.  We call it "communing with nature", as it's the closest we get to camping or anything of that sort. It feels nice to be out in the fresh air, too, and not circling the mall looking for a parking space, you know? So we headed off to the same farm we went to last year (last year! look at that) and had a lovely afternoon.

We have a toddler now, and are soon to have a newborn, so we went Tabletop with the tree this year. Mr. Jones still looks really manly cutting it down, right? ;) 

Rocks along the path seem to be of much more interest to 20 month old Penelope than any Christmas trees.

I knitted Penny's dress from a book I've had forever. I've made the dress before for other babies (here and here). This one turned out a bit long, but I love how rustic and warm it looked on her.  Ravelry link HERE.

A family photo with the tummy before both Mr. Jones and I both get a daughter to hold!

Another tradition is to put Penny on the roof with the freshly cut tree. I can't wait to be shoving another daughter up there as the sun is going down and everyone is ready for french fries. Ah, the holidays...let the chaos begin!

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