Monday, October 6, 2014


The beautiful weather in Portland has continued these past few weeks. In an attempt to show the girls some real-life animals (and because, you know, I knit and stuff) we headed to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in the nearby town of Canby. Penny was trepidatious at first, about the animals, but she soon warmed up and was happy to meet them.

We all donned our overalls (OK, not Mr. Jones. We have yet to get him any, at his request).

Farmers with all kinds of animals attend festival. The only requirement is that your animal can lend its outerwear to human use. So, too, can this amazing car...

Lulu enjoyed watching the Spinners showing off their skills with fiber. She's been using her hands a lot more these days, in really meticulous ways, too!

My favorite part was when Penny met the rabbits. She had brought "Gray Baby" to see them. I think the introduction was a lot easier with her intermediary :). 

This was the first time we could recall seeing Penny "register" live animals, and it was really, really fun to see. She wouldn't touch any, but looking seemed more than enough for all of us. Of course, I couldn't come home from the festival without a handspun skein of yarn. There seemed to be something for all, er, ok, most of us at the festival :). We really enjoyed the morning.

PS. A previous trip to the festival.
PPS. Lulu wears Penny's Trinket.

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