Thursday, October 9, 2014


I wanted to catch up on some projects I've made lately that have been made/given/worn by little ones I know. You'll remember "Junior". He was the first cloud pillow that I made for my favorite 5 year-old. I ended up making a duplicate of him as well as a rainbow blanket, for Lulu (Ravelry link HERE). They both make her crib area just a bit more charming.

Penny wore her Balloon Pants toward the end of Summer. I'm going to take them into Fall with some tights underneath. I loved them, and when standing in front of our new wallpaper she looks similar to the Japanese craft books I so revere.

I recently finished a gray rainbow sweater for her, too (Ravelry link HERE). She's been wearing it on the crisp mornings lately, and to special events around town (more on that, to come).

Speaking of special, I entered my Sasquatch Sweaters into the Oregon State Fair's Original Knitting Pattern Competition and won second place! I love these sweaters, and want to make a few more in coming months, as well as publish the pattern. Here's their original post (and here's my other second prize win, for my HarVest - a free pattern).

Next up is Halloween costumes, of course. This is the first Halloween I'll be dressing two children, and the second Halloween the adults in this family will be completely ignored :). The good thing is that we're still in the territory where the babies don't understand Halloween, nor have any opinion of what they should be! The fun will be all mine ;).

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