Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lulu at 10 Months

Lucille Jones turned 10 months old recently. It's hard to find photos of her that I haven't published on this blog as of late, but this evening in front gave us some lovely images.
The only thing to say about Lulu is how much she wants to be like us (and by us, I mean mostly her sister).  She wants to walk (or run), climb on things, eat solid foods. She's not ready to do any of it (only 1 tooth so far!), but it sure doesn't stop her from trying. She is busy all day keeping up. At daycare she's running circles around the babies in her room. While they're sitting eating their purees, Lulu is climbing up stairs and sliding down slides. Totally independent, completely smiley and sweet, this baby is steaming toward toddler-hood.
She claps when her sister sings songs. She plays drums and stacks blocks. She washes her own hair in the bath and she throws her head back with joy when something delights her. She also lets you know, with a short-lived (but loud) tantrum when something does not (namely: diaper changes, clothes changes, and taking away anything dangerous to which she has helped herself)!

She has a glint in her eye that makes her constantly grab her sister's toys, and giggle when Penny looks shocked and steals them back. Lulu, we can't wait to see what kind of little girl you'll become. You're already such a character! Now if only you would let yourself SLEEP ;).
PS. Penny at 10 months.
PPS. Lulu wears her Loose Change top.

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