Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Phone Home

I'm one to bring the big, digital, SLR camera with me to many family outings. When I don't, or when Mr. Jones is out with one of the girls alone, sometimes he captures the funniest and sweetest moments with his phone camera. Here's the best them, lately:

Mr. Jones and I have laughed for many hours looking at this (classic) photo. We spent so many, many hours in the park this Summer. Most of them were great, but this photo sums up those that were not. There's something about our toddler having to be pushed "just right" by the parent of her choosing...if it's not executed to her liking, this is what you get:

Penny loves puddles (but only in boots!). This big one sure looks daunting...

but she made it through unscathed.

Maybe your child doesn't know what a pay phone is, but my toddler loves them. It's like a water fountain - anytime we see one, we have to indulge. Here she's calling her best friend Yay-ya, trying to set up a playdate (the upside down phone doesn't help).

What did we do without camera phones? I sure am grateful when we capture moments like these!

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