Saturday, October 11, 2014

Party at the Farm

Last weekend we were invited to a two year old's birthday party at a farm. It was such a gorgeous day and we had such a lovely time. I dressed Penny in a handmade dress and a handknit sweater, and she loved both! Bonus. She also loved running in the rows of sunflowers. Mr. Jones was out of town, so "Frank's Dadda", our friend Dean, filled in nicely.

She also enjoyed other activities like sniffing flowers, looking at gourds, picking up specs of dirt...what Toddler doesn't love a farm?

The birthday boy, Teo, had a grand time, too. He took hay rides and picked pumpkins. There was freshly roasted corn on the cob and bagels and cupcakes. Who wouldn't love to have an October birthday if it meant all of this


I really love a kid's birthday party. Seeing all the kids together is always a beautiful sort of chaos.

Lulu time!

When Mr. Jones got home, Penny immediately started telling him about our time at the farm, starting with the "big big big big PIG with the big, big, big, big NOSE". I'll never forget her face when she rattled off those 'big's. Totally hilarious. 

I think the sunflowers were my favorite part. Thank you, Cecelia and Tory, for inviting us to such a memorable and beautiful party!

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