Friday, August 7, 2015

Victoria, B.C. Part 1: The Ferry and Gyro Park

We are back from our summer vacation to Victoria. British Columbia! Four hours driving and two hours on a ferry and we were in another country. An island, with so much to offer us. From the time Penny could conceive that we were going to put our car on a boat, she was excited. Victoria was perfect for us. Small enough to get around quickly, big enough never to get bored. Since we have friends who grew up there, we acquired a great list of Victoria's best things to do with kids. Parks, and playgrounds on the beach.  Could anything be more dreamy to toddlers? The rest of it Mr. Jones and I saw, on our own, during naptime. I took so many photos that we'll have to do this in parts. First up, a few from the ferry:

Gyro Park. Such an inspiring place! A park, with a big imagination.

Penny and Lulu played "ice cream stand" for hours. Here's Daddy, ordering his favorite (and Penny, most likely telling him it's not available).

I have so much more to show you! Next up: Gardens and Butterflies!

P.S. Lulu's dress is here.

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