Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween, 2015

The story of Halloween 2015 started last Halloween. When it was finished, Penny kept asking me why Mama and Daddy didn't have costumes, and we didn't really have an answer. We had gone to the party at daycare, and some of the moms and dads dressed up, but we didn't. So this year, she was insistent that we have a family costume. When I asked her what she thought we should be, she said we should all be cowgirls and cowboys. GOOD IDEA! So, I started to sew.

Three weeks ago she came home from preschool telling me she wanted to be a princess for Halloween. "What about the cowgirls and cowboys idea?" I asked her. "We can be that, too!" Of course I was annoyed, but when you're 3 and a half, every girl in preschool wants to be a princess so you do, too. I was never really into princesses myself, but I thought long and hard about what a great princess costume would be, and again, I started to sew.

This year was a great year because we had the Friday night school party, and a full day of Halloween on Saturday. So, two costumes worked out great, even if the weather was completely dreadful.

On Friday:

On Saturday:

I am blessed with girls who really appreciate the things I make for them, and love wearing them. I would sew them a hundred costumes to have a weekend like this past one. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this holiday. Both girls seemed so energized by just being in their costumes, and seeing other people in theirs. When it was time for trick-or-treating, the torrential rain almost put us off the event completely, until I campaigned to head to the local mall. There we literally thousands of kids, snaking around the stores. My girls got 3 pieces of candy, sat down, ate them, played in the playground, and were done. Success! We went home for dinner, and to open the door to Trick-or-Treaters braving the rain. Penny told me her favorite part was holding the bowl of candy for them. My favorite part was...The. Whole. Entire. Thing. 

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PPS. A de-brief on the sewing part of the costumes, next!

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