Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Making and Giving

I've been getting some pretty great photos of babies who I've knitted for, in their handmade items. Well, one of those is mine, but so be it :).

August wore his "Marching On Vest" a while back. Isn't he just the most gorgeous boy? I should make more of these vests. They're really nice little winter warmers.

Speaking of winter warmers. cream! I knitted this Sweetie Pie Dress for Lulu quite a while ago. Actually, I think I knitted it for Penny, but it was out of season when she was old enough to wear it. It's from a 1940s knitting pattern, and all the details are in a post I did for another version that I gave away, here. I love her in it, and it fits perfectly. The only drawback is that since it's hand knitted, it's a bit stretchy, and Lulu can take it off herself. Which thrills her. So you can imagine what she got up to one cold morning at Ikea...

How adorable is this newborn? He's Mr. Emerson Atticus Clyde Linfield, and his dad works with Mr. Jones. I made him lamb hat almost identical to the one I made for Lulu. The pattern is now available for purchase right here, and it cracks me up. I love how on an older baby it looks like a lamb, and on a newborn, it looks like a mouse hat! Either way, pretty nice.

Off my needles and into storage went this penguin sweater. I bought the pattern years ago from a company/person called Ginger Originals. I can see the site where she sells them, but I can't seem to locate the penguin pattern. At any rate, it's a size 5, so a bit too big for this year, but I'm hoping it will be donned on a trip to the zoo, or to play in the snow, in the next few years. The specifics can be found on my Ravelry page.

I've been doing lots of crafting lately, though it's been kind of out of the ordinary: some crocheted amigurumi, some felt cutting and gluing, some simple hats, over and over again. Also, Christmas dresses, of course.

I wish you an inspired Thanksgiving, full of making and giving, and a long weekend with those you love.

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