Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Haircut, Second Haircut

Lulu got her first haircut! Well, her first professional haircut that is, I gave her one that was complete devastation back in March. Penny got her second, after her first one many months ago (Jan has since shut down her business). Apparently the only way to capture your children's haircuts is with an iphone. Here's the evidence:

Penny has forgiving curls that make her bangs easy to keep up. Lulu just got a trim, in hopes we can one day grow out the baby mullet into something really sweet (or maybe braided). Anyway, Penny completely enjoyed the TLC while Lulu...not so much. She got a certificate, though, as well as a bag of hair I have currently misplaced. I made some of Alicia's adorable hair clips to get her through the coming months. 

Congratulations, Lulu!

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