Monday, December 7, 2015

At the Roller Rink

The weather here has been terrible. Torrential rain on and off for weeks at a time. Though our local mall has an ice skating rink, we haven't been brave enough to try it yet. Instead, we headed to the roller rink! I grew up going to the roller rink every Friday night with my dad and sister (skating fast to you know, Centerfold, among other classic tunes). Mr. Jones however, had never been on skates! First he tried the rink in his socks, followed by a group lesson with other kids (har har). He did really well. Lulu did about ten minutes on the rink and then enjoyed running around on the arcade, and hanging on the railings. When she saw how well Penny was doing on skates, however, she got a bit sad.

Oh, the plight of the little sister truly kills me! It's ok, Lulu, next year you'll enjoy it so much more, I promise. I think my favorite thing about these photos is the kids in the background, falling over. Kids Skate at the roller rink - what chaos!

I made their outfits. Penny is wearing her Fimma Bright. and a neon skirt that I improvised from a vintage pattern I had around the house. Lulu's vest is also improvised. When Stroll Brights yarn came out, I grabbed a ball of each color, cast on, and had some fun making up fair isle patterns on black. Lulu's pants are Quick Change Trousers from this book. I've made so many pairs before (like these and these). They're fun, and reversible, and because they're fully lined, they hardly wrinkle in the wash. Perfect! 

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