Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Dress

Now that we have Penny, I've started thinking about Christmas traditions a lot.  

One thing I think I'll try to do each year for Penny is make her a Christmas dress.  She's still small, so knitting her first one was still possible.  I became completely smitten with this knitting book, and when I saw this dress in it, I knew it would be the one (Ravelry details here).

It's been a year of so much family for us this year!  All our immediate family has come to visit us (here and here) and we've gone to visit them, too (here and here).  Our first Christmas will be just the three of us,  going away together, for some rest and relaxation.  I think this dress will be perfect for Penny on a leisurely Christmas Day.


sew nancy said...


I love this dress. I'm sure it will look adorable on her.Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Ruby Hoppen said...

What an absolutely beautiful dress! One of many to come I'm sure :)