Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Quick Knit (that only took me two years)

Wow, did this sweater take me a long time!  I think I bought the wool about two years ago, in hopes of making it for a friend's big birthday. Then I had the baby, and though I've been knitting tons since she arrived, it was the chart reading that I couldn't quite manage while breastfeeding, or bottle making, or baby entertaining.  Once I picked up the project again a few months ago, however, it flew right off of my hands!  It was really a lot of fun.

It's a free pattern called "Aidez" (found HERE) that so many knitters have made.  I always wondered if I could do an aran sweater, and this one, made of bulky yarn, gave me confidence that I could do a more complicated one in thinner wool someday (Ravelry notes here).

I even enjoyed blocking and sewing up the seams on this one!  I always knit delicate projects in such thin wool that the whole project was a novelty.

I've sent it off to my friend (just in time for 80 degree weather on the East Coast - ahem). I know she'll pull it out next year, and hopefully wear it lots. With no front fastenings, it will be easy to pull on and off during her busy life with kids.

I'm moving right along on my sweater making for all my best girls. There was my sister, and my grandmother, then my friend Peg, and now this, for Ingrid.

I have my next full-size sweater in mind, for myself, though I'm tempted to knit another one of these to cozy up in - maybe in 2015? :)

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