Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lulu at Two Months

Lucille Jones is two months old! It's been another dreamy month with this newborn. She eats and sleeps...

and the biggest development is that she SMILES. All. The. Time. She smiles through bath time... 

She smiles after feedings. She smiles at all the toddlers and their mommies when we drop off her sister at daycare. They've all adopted her as their little sister. Their moms tell me they all go home and talk about Baby Lulu.  So, so cute!

Sleeping, like eating, comes in "sips" throughout our 24 hours. She's tall, like her sister, at 73% height. She's now 10.5 pounds! At times I think she Lulu looks like me, whereas everyone has always thought Penny looked like her daddy. My friends, however, think she's a replica of her sister. Isn't resemblance intriguing?

With each month, I try to remember what Penny was like at her age, but I have amnesia about the details. Is it the exhaustion? At any rate, I can't wait to see what big developments she makes in her third month. She sure seems to be having a good time so far.

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