Friday, February 14, 2014

Heart Day Clothing

I made my Lovies some Valentine's Day clothing. For Lulu, a sweater with a fair isle yoke. I designed this one myself (Ravelry link), similar to one I've made before for my niece so so long ago. I might provide the pattern for you sometime. Would you want that? I really enjoyed making it.

For Penny, some trousers made from heart fabric that came in a package from England (thanks, Trish!). They're Quick Change Trousers from this book, and I've made them before, here and here. I'm going to make them for years to come, I predict. These reversible pants are just the cutest shape on a toddler.

I asked Penny who her Valentine was, and she did this:

I'm kidding! How I wish that were true. 
Penny wore her pants to daycare, where she will exchange treats and eat sugary snacks with her 5 best friends. We collaborated on her cards. I hope to share them here soon!

Lulu came home to relax.

I wish you a day filled with so much love. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Brewed Together said...

Your babies are adorable! And the sweater and pants just show them off even more. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at