Monday, March 3, 2014


I finished a sweater.  For MYSELF.  My mom was nice enough to gift me the yarn during a visit to Portland over a year ago and I finally got busy on it during those bleary newborn days. All those hours knitting over my nursing pillow really paid off! I love it. (Ravelry link HERE).

The pattern is Grettir, by Jared Flood. He really knows how to write a pattern. All those short rows really made for a professional fit. This is not the first icelandic cardigan I've made (the first one is HERE, four years ago now), and it surely won't be the last. I went for my usual favorite colors of orange, avocado green, and brown. Originally, I had chosen a muddy brown for the background color and was totally thrown off when it didn't show off the dark brown or orange when I knit them in tandem. So I switched to an off-white, and it made everything pop.

One of the great things about colorwork is that you have a lot of yarn left over for other projects. I'm planning a cute matching dress, for one of my girls, out of my scraps!

This isn't the only Jared Flood pattern I've knit this winter. I also made this hat for Mr. Jones (Ravelry link HERE), out of yarn I had left over from Penny's tree chopping dress. A quick knit, and also a lovely pattern.

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